Top SGX shares and stock investment methods to be considered in Singapore

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In the stock investment world, there are a various numbers of methods which can be used to beat the market.  The most prominent methods are growth investing and income investing. Income investors are seeking to maximize their profits returns, while growth investors look for shares that provide high earnings growth rates that could result in capital profits. Here in this article we are going to give an overview of stock investment methods and SGX shares that could be beneficial for trading this year:


As we mentioned above that there are two mostly used methods of stock investment and they are:


Income investing is a method of share investment that is designed to allow traders to derive income from their portfolio. The investor could achieve this without having to touch the capital by selling stocks.

Pros of Income investing:

One of the largest benefits of income investing is that it provides regular income. This not only permits many traders to pay their bills out of dividends obtained, but also opens an opportunity to generate compound returns and reinvest in Singapore stock market.
In the long run, such returns can upload up and make a huge effect on general returns. Dividends also offer money flows when markets are undergoing bear, which could be used to buy good shares when they may be trading at especially low rates. For selecting these stocks you can use stock picks.

Cons of income investing:

Income investing is more forgiving than growth investing. Timing isn’t always vital. However, the quick, terrific-sized returns of growth stock investmentmethod are highly unfortunate in income investing.

It could take years to build a portfolio that is massive sufficient for retirement. And for the reason that dividend cuts can take region, income investing in stock market trading may be riskier than many traders realize.


Growth investing is a method that focuses on seeking out for companies which have the capability to grow. But how to invest in share market using this method? Growth investors look for companies that can grow at considerably quicker costs than the market.

Pros of growth investing:

Growth investing can result in higher returns in short run than income investing.
Investors who are able to time investing with a period of first rate profits for a specific area can generate good returns using stock tips.

Cons of growth investing:

With the potential for higher returns comes higher risk. Growth investing can lead to losses in the course of greater difficult intervals for the economy or for particular sectors. So before investing get knowledge about how to trade stocks online.
There is a fine line among achievement and failure in growth investing, which may be hard to get right. So it’s better to take help of equity picks for successful investment.


These are the 3 shares which could be beneficial for stock investment:

Kimly Group Stock:

This is a coffee shop operator stock. This IPO is approx 8.3 oversubscribed and on a strong demand. This stock has performed outstandingly on its first day of trading. Its IPO price is $0.25 and we think that it may go little low below its IPO price.

Kimly Group Stock Graph
M1 Stock:
M1 share paused for some time after moving 7.9% higher on news or SGX market information, M1 stock price goes up with the privatization. With M1, STARHUB and SINGTEL also get benefits as their stocks prices also went up.
M1 Stock Graph
Ezra Stock:

Because of bankruptcy, Ezra saw some downtrend in its sgx stock price which shakes the sentiments of O&G sector stocks of Singapore.

These stocks were beneficial for trading but it’s better to take advice from best online stock advisor for proper analysis.


Stock investment is considered as the most prominent way of making money in Singapore. So it’s highly vital to stay updated with the SGX shares on daily basis and trade them based on accurate analysis. Use advice from advisors for picking the hot penny stocks for profitable investing.



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