What is Stock Trading Counter in Singapore?

Multi Management & Future Solutions 3

Stock trading is not a big deal but for new traders it can be difficult if they don’t have the full knowledge of trading stocks in Singapore. Stock trading counter is one of the things which the traders should have known about. The process of trading stocks with counter is known as stock trading counter. There are various terms included in trading stock with counter and that are important to understand for making profitable stock trades. The most important one is to understand what is over-the-counter stock trading? The terms are:-
Over the counter which is also known as OTC is an off-exchange trading which is done directly between the two parties without any care of exchange.
Over-the-counter market:-
A decentralized marketplace, without a physical region, in which market individual’s trade with each other via various communication modes like with the phone, e-mail and proprietary electronic buying and selling systems.
Over the counter derivatives:-
A derivative is a form of security wherein the rate of the security relies upon at the price of the underlying asset.
Exchange traded derivatives:-
A trade derivative is a financial instrument whose cost is primarily based at the cost of some other asset, and that buys or sells on a regulated exchange.
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